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Series 66 exam nasaa uniform combined state law exam passing the series 66 exam qualifies a candidate to register as an investment adviser representative and as a securities agent. Our goal is to provide efficient and effective training material so you can pass the. They are both licenses that allow the individual to give feebased advice. The uniform combined state law examination also called the series 66 exam is designed to. After reading so many threads on the subject, i was discouraged to use stc and asked my firm. Series 66 test specifications topic weight number of. The financial industry regulatory authority finra requires the series 7 license exam to all fledgling brokers the series 7 pass rate is 65 percent. A series 66 license is one way for a registered representative to meet the licensing requirement to offer managed account platforms to clients. The series 66 is essentially a combination of the series 63 for securities agents and series 65 for investment adviser representatives.

The 63 is easier in my opinion, its not as tricky as the 6. Some of the questions that are coming out are outstanding, too. The general consensus is that the series 7 is less comprehensive, and therefore slightly easier to pass, than the cfa exams, but only 65% successfully make it. Everyone who has to take the series 66 exam should be happy to hear that, says solomon exam prep president, jeremy solomon, as well as anyone related to someone who has to take the series 66 exam. Series 65 and series 66 passing grade increased hedge fund. Theyve also recorded pass rates for the series 7 exam at 96% and 98% for the series 79. Series 66 exam prep study guides and training tools.

Effective january 1, 2010, nasaa and finra will raise the passing grade. The nasaa series 66, uniform combined state law exam is required of individuals acting as or soliciting for the service of investment advisors and soliciting the purchase or sale of securities within a state. To pass the series 66, test a candidate must score at least 71 71% marks out of the possible 100. As i am sure you have discovered from the reading material, the series 66 combines the states securities requirements blue sky laws series 63 and states registered investment advisor exam series 65 into one exam. The most prudent course of action would be to pass the series 7 before the series 66, as much of the information tested on the series 7 is assumed on the series 66 exam. Anecdotally, they have a lower pass rate than the finra exams. As for the series 66, it is one of the easier exams out there. Persons who take the series 66 exam must also pass the series 7 exam prior to. So if you have series 7, opt for the 66, its a little shorter. You cannot bring any personal items into the test room.

The series 66 uniform combined state law exam was designed to ensure youre prepared to act as a securities agent or investment adviser representative. The series 66 exam is computerbased, and includes 110 multiplechoice questions. My firm provides stc and i used that last month for the series 7 which i got 87%. Candidates who fail to pass the series 66 test can take it again after waiting a specified length of time. This series 66 exam study guide uses plain english and concise explanations as it ticks off the items mentioned on the nasaa series 66 exam outline pointbypoint. Candidates of the series 66 must score 73% on 100 questions in order to pass. Robert walker, a professional trainer who specializes in the nasdnasaa series 63, 6566, 6, and 7 exams, has written this book for those who are about to brave the series 66 examination. How to ace the grueling series 65 exam and keep your wits. Prior to july 1, 2016, candidates had to attain scores of 75% in order to pass and prior to january 1, 2010, candidates had to.

The exam measures the degree to which each candidate possesses the knowledge needed to perform the critical functions of a general securities representative, including. Morgan stanley exam taker barred for fudging score to keep job. How many people fail the series 63 exam every year. It has been used, but there is an unlimited amount of exams that can be taken until expiration.

A dry erase board, markers and a calculator are supplied for your use, so do not rely on accessing any notes and such during the exam. Series 65 exam prep tips and best study guides michael kitces. To reduce your frustration in obtaining your series 66 license, we try to make sure each sample question in our pass the 66 practice exam question bank is explained within this. However, a person taking the series 66 must also take and pass the series 7 general. As a result, the series 66 exam is considered by most to be an easier test. Its a computer based test where n o two candidates exams are identical, because the items comprising the exams are randomly selected from the bank of test items. Starting january 1, 2010 candidates will need to attain a score of 72% in order to pass the series 65 exam and a 75% in order to pass the series. Characteristics, risks, and application of alternative investments 2 1. The exam actually has 110 questions, but 10 of these are. Its written in everyday language and is easy to use.

Series 66 exam secrets is our exclusive collection of the tips and the information that we have specially selected to give you the best results on the series 66 test for the least time spent studying. Successful completion of the series 66 exam is equivalent to successful completion of both the series 63. Kaplan financial education presents all our securities licensing pass rates and satisfaction ratings openly to give you the full picture. Growth is more volatile, requires higher risk tolerance. Need advice today question about series 7 private investment firm originally posted. Other pass rates for the series 7, series 82 and the series 55 are 95%, 97. There are really no percentage of how many people fail or pass on the 6 or 63. Nasaa memorandum re passing scores for series 63, 65 and 66.

Our software features a simulation of the proctor exam interface just. A score of at least 73% on the series 66 exam is needed to pass and become eligible. Our series 66 online training course is the ideal solution for your busy schedule. Pass the 65, or pass the 66, to write their own practice questions. Nasaa and finra raise passing score on series 63 exam. Training consultants series 66 exam training solutions. The series 66 satisfies series 65 and series 63 exam requirements, but series 7 registration is a corequisite for the series 66. Effective, affordable help from the most comprehensive test preparation company in the world. To pass the exam, a candidate must correctly answer 71 71% of the questions. Series 66 uniform combined state law examination exam. On may 8, 2010, and june 29, 2010, wheeler passed, respectively the series 63 and series 7.

The overwhelming guidance on how to pass the 65 is to study. Its all depends on how much you study and prepare for the exam. And most firms often allow four months to prepare for the exam. Generally, for those persons with the series 7 license, the series 66 exam is easier to pass than the series 65. So, the pass rate was quite poor, test difficult, and numerous complaints about how poor the. The series 66 exam contains topics covered in the series 63 and series 65 exams without duplication of the series 7. On may 8, 2010, and june 29, 2010, wheeler passed, respectively the series 63 and series 7 examinations. This series fulfills the requirements of both the series 63 and series 65. Prior to july 1, 2016, candidates had to attain scores of 75% in order to pass and prior to january 1, 2010, candidates had to attain scores of. Series 66 exam free series 66 exam tips and preparation. Series 66 uniform combined state law examination exam what. The passing score for the series 63 and 65 will not change, but the series 66 passing score will be lowered from 75% to 73%.

Remember to click the finish exam link at the bottom of the page once you. For examinees with conditions covered under the americans with disabilities act, that require special testing accommodations, you can make this request in writing. The series 7 exam the general securities representative qualification examination gs assesses the competency of an entrylevel registered representative to perform their job as a general securities representative. That means you can take and pass the two exams in any order but can only use the 66 when the series 7 is also passed the series 65 and 63 are the usual requirements for registering as an iar or stateregistered adviser. Performance on the march 2016 and later administrations of the exam is not directly comparable to performance on previous exams that were based upon a different. The series 7 examination and why you need to pass it. Comprehensive series 66 study guide and practice questions complete series 66 study guide prepared by a dedicated team of expert researchers.

Theres no officially reported information on series 65 pass rates, the way there is for cfp. Value stocks are cheaper, trading at lower pe and pricetobook multiples. Do not use the browser back button while doing this test. To avoid overlap with the series 7, nasaa assembled a committee of securities industry experts to eliminate questions in the series 66 that would be duplicative of those in the series 7. The series 66 examination licenses an individual in the state to sell both securities and investment advisory products. Theres no officially reported information on series 65 pass rates, the way there is for cfp exam pass rates. This means that the series 7 is a corequisite exam for the series 66. Pass the 66 studysheet growth stocks trade at higher pricetoearnings and pricetobook ratios than value stocks. A general overview of finras series 6, 7, 63, 65 and 66. Many managed accounts charge asset based fees and allow agents to participate in those fees. The series 63 exam, the uniform securities state law examination, is a north. The series 66 exam the nasaa uniform combined state law examination is a north american securities administrators association nasaa exam administered by finra. The most recent version of the exam outline went into effect in 2010.

A score of at least 73% on the series 66 exam is needed to pass and become eligible for registration as a registered investment adviser representative. In 2010, michael was recognized with one of the fpas heart of financial. The series 66 combines those two exams but requires the passing of the. Series 66 is an exam administered by the financial industry regulatory authority finra. Series 66 online course everything you need to pass. I took my series 6 twice, because of lack of study for the first time. Kaplan financial education pass rates for securities. Unfortunately, the short answer is that we dont know the series 65 pass rates. The timer of the exam will not stop once the exam starts. Series 66 practice test questions financial certification. Of the 110 questions, 100 will count toward your score. What is the pass rate for people taking the series 6 and.

Because the series 63 is a state exam, statistics vary, and there is no official pass or fail rate currently provided. Prior to july 1, 2016, candidates had to attain scores of 75 % in order to pass and prior to january 1, 2010, candidates had to attain scores of. In order for a candidate to pass the series 66 exam, heshe must correctly answer at least 73 of the 100 scored questions. What is the series 7 pass rate stock broker salary. The passing score for the series 66, however, has been modified to better reflect the weighting of the examination and the number of questions on each topic.

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