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Like our sprint and 600 chassis, this is one of the highest quality pieces on the market and its already race proven by some of the best in the business, including jac haudenshield, brady bacon, donnie ray crawford and gary taylor. We feature quarter midget chassis dyno at low everyday prices. Quarter midget chassis and suspension speedway motors. Our company can supply parts for bullrider race cars, storm chassis, nc chassis prodorutti quarter midget supply post office box 430 kulpsville, pa 19443 215 36201 email us. Spike chassis midget racing, mini sprint chassis, racing. The fundamentals of race car setup and suspension function to make chassis tuning easier a complete chassis tuning and setup guide for quarter midgets. The majority of our parts will fit nearly every quarter midget chassis on the market. Steve smith autosports s294 quarter midget chassis tech book. Many of todays racing superstars like jeff gordon, ryan newman, and harrison burton got their start in a stanley quarter midget. The hyper quarter midget comes with worldclass engineering and design, high quality workmanship, great handling, and the customer support we are famous for.

Midgets and micro sprints for sale racing junk classifieds. Hyper racing builds six different types of chassis. Home, cars, belt drive, parts, tech photos, results, setup book, order forms. Tires, brakes, gears, engines, body parts, suspension, even apparel and much more. Prodorutti quarter midget supply post office box 430 kulpsville, pa 19443 215 36201 email us. For the best selection of nervo parts online for your quarter midget, look no further than fmi racing. The most comprehensive list of supportive quarter midget. In a previous article, i discussed the formation of the legend car series and how the legend cars might be a good starting option for those that wanted to begin a racing career. Handlers will often measure and record the surface temperature of the contact area of each tire when a practice or race run is completed to help them make setup adjustments to balance the chassis.

We specialize in the production, manufacturing, and sales of. Click on the pictures to go to the chassis tour of that particular chassis. Home quarter midget chassis companies fiser race cars products total items. We are ready to take your racing program to the next level. Quarter midget cars can be built from a prefab chassis or from a scratch design. We are in the process of preparing a location that will allow nc chassis and its partnered machine shops to be in one facility. Quarter midget chassis and suspension parts instock with sameday shipping.

The adultsize midget being raced during the start of quarter midget racing used an oval track of onefifth of a mile in length. The female driver with the most indianapolis 500 starts. Home quarter midget chassis companies fiser race cars. Rsr builds an excellent product using the highest quality components and materials available.

Quarter midgets sprint cars photo gallery sherman race car kits. As a quarter midget program manager for robbie stanley. Visit the qm parts web store to shop for quarter midget replacement parts. Complete body kit not in stock approximately 2 week turnaround. The most comprehensive list of supportive quarter midget dealers. Includes a complete guide to understanding and adjusting handling problems. Our mission is to bring families a complete quarter midget shopping experience and make it. We hope to complete this process over the course of 2019. Jeremy sherman is a racer and now builder with over 20 years experience with quarter midget race cars. The cars are approximately onequarter 14 the size of a fullsize midget car. Rsr started building quarter midgets in 1977 and is now considered the industry leader. Quarter midget chassis technology build your own race car. A glossary of quarter midget terms fmi knowledge base. We feature quarter midget chassis dynos at low everyday prices.

We suggest starting with a book on vehicle dynamics, preferably including ovalcircle track racing. Build your own quarter midget race car knowledge level. Steve smith autosports, quarter midget chassis book, ssas294 40. We had been in karts for 5 yrs and you couldnt spit in a direction without hitting a site with information on chassis,motors,tires and whatever else you could dream of. Currently the new address for nc chassis is 298 northeast ave. Quarter midget chassis technology 9780936834542 by steve smith and a great selection of similar new, used and collectible books available now at great prices. Every quarter midget crew chief should have this book. After enjoying huge success with our sprint car and 600 chassis, triple x race co is proud to introduce our third chassis offering. A complete chassis tuning and setup guide for quarter midgets.

Mg midget classics for sale classics on autotrader. Due to the scratchbuilt nature of quarter midget cars, you should be knowledgeable in handling, chassis, suspension, powertrain, aerodynamic and safety design. For the best selection of stanley parts online for your quarter midget, look no further than fmi racing. Right side quarter midget tires on asphalt are typically between 10 and 15 psi while left sides are typically below 10. Quarter midget chassis technology racing car race book 1 paperback. Quarter midgets usa is your one stop shop for all your quarter midget needs call 848. If youre ready to race and win, get in a sherman race car today. The cars are approximately one quarter 14 the size of a fullsize midget car. Our small car chassis dyno 60 is ideal testing equipment for lightweight vehicles and racecars under 1,000 lbs.

Upload photos and details about qm cars and parts for sale. In addition boss chassis offers a large boss chassis provides services from complete chassis, body components. Comet kart sales the largest kart shop on the net racing karts, go kart, go karts, go karting. Quarter midget frame parts instock with sameday shipping. Quarter midget trick 516 lockwasher rod end spacer qty 50 black. Give us a call or email us on any questions or needs you may have for your race team. Pogo chassis, 140 cubic inch vw engine, scat crank, superflow heads, and more.

Some notable nascar and indycar graduates of quarter midget racing include jeff gordon, joey logano, ryan newman, ed carpenter, sarah fisher and. For the best selection of parts online for your quarter midget, look no further than fmi racing. Our books and videos have always been on the cutting edge of technology. Steve smith autosports has been a leading publisher of auto racing technical books and videos for over 35 years. Your one stop micro shop from frame repairs, axle repairs, pipe repairs, engine rebuilding, crank work, cylinder repair, to a complete rolling chassis race ready, we can accommodate all your racing needs. I was just hoping there was a forum kinda similar to bobs 4cycle for quarter midgets. If you have any questions please feel free to call us anytime at 16109269876. Spike specializes in the production of midget and sprint car chassis, parts and accesories. Boss chassis is a full service openwheel race car supplier. Our company can supply parts for bullrider race cars, storm chassis, nc chassis. Fiser race cars quarter midget, sprint car, race kart. These six major areas of the car design work as an integrated unit and the designer must have an understanding of how changes to one area affect the others. Boss chassis provides services from complete chassis, body components, custom builds as well as fully stocked shelves of ready to be shipped parts for all your racing needs.

If you have any questions regarding parts, fitment or shipping, just ask. At fmi, were dedicated to connecting quarter midget racers and hobbyists with tracktested and raceapproved parts at the best prices online. These 4cylinder dirt oval short track race cars have a high powertoweight ratio, and are the stars of several exciting race series. Boss chassis the boss chassis was designed by austin brown of kbr performance and renowned micro, midget and sprint car crew chief flea ruzic of millennium components. Quarter midget racing is a form of automobile racing. In either circumstance, it is useful for you to have a good knowledge of vehicle dynamics so that the handling of the car can be understood during setup and racing. Magnum chassis is a quarter midget manufacture located in columbus, ohio. The childs quarter midget track is one quarter that length, or 120th mile 264. Spike also offers a full line of sprint and midget parts, including stealth midget pieces, hoods, chassis, rearends, and brake systems.

Our bestselling publications have helped thousands of racers improve their cars, teams and racing careers in the everchanging world of auto racing. Tanner racing products portable, small car d3 chassis dyno 60 is ideal for a wide range of testing applications at racetracks or for testing at the. Welcome to our website dedicated to quarter midget racers everywhere. Click on the company name to go directly to their website. We built our 1st quarter midget in 1963 and have been busy at it ever since phone. Selling mychron 4 with leads screen has bubbles in spots but does not affect viewing of screen or operation of mychron will ship like comment share. The chassis length also changes with the height so a rough correlation between the two is 33 76 35 80 37 82 39 84. Quarter midget classifieds northeast plus public group. Some 1900 chassis used height and length measurements example. My son and i are new to quarter midgets this year and this one is by far the best publication on chassis set. Quarter midget race car chassis, stanley quarter midget chassis, quarter midget shocks and springs, quarter midget wheels, quarter midget tires, quarter midget axles, quarter midget gears, quarter mi. Order brand new cars complete with frame, body, nose cone, rails and more. So today my daughter won her very first race she ever ran at the same track i had my last race ever in a quarter midget at the 1999 eastern grands in cumming, georgia.

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